Hedge Cutting In Kent

Hedges are a natural boundary divider which historically is used to keep livestock in. Today we use them to screen parts of the garden or house, provide a backdrop and to create a divide between two properties. All hedges require regular proper maintenance to keep them in the correct form and shape, the clean crisp lines of a properly cut hedge is considered part of an English garden, traditional or contempory. We have the equipment to cut and shape any sized hedge, large or small, and all the safety signs.


  • Regular hedge trimming, annual or biannual cutting or trimming of any species or size of hedge.
  • Hedge refurbishment including reshaping, cutting back, reducing of any species or size of hedge.
  • Complete hedge removal for either for replacement or for redevelopment. 
  • Trimming and shaping of any topiary, cloud trees or other 'shapes'.
  • Shrub shaping including regular trimming of existing shrub balls and shapes, and initial shaping or refurbishment.
  • Large scale hedge cutting using cherry picker access platforms (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms - MEWP's).
  • Roadside works including traffic management as required.


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