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Kent Gardening & Tree Surgery offer a range of services to meet our client's requirements. Please browse through all our services and select one to view.

Garden Maintenance In Kent

Gardens usually require some form of care over the course of a year and this takes up a considerable amount of time. We offer one off or periodic weekly / fortnightly / monthly maintenance visits to both private residences and commercial properties (See Exterior Facilities Management for more details) throughout Kent. We are particularly keen on mulching areas of the garden with either manure or our own produced wood chip to enrich the soil and... Read more...

Garden Clearance in Kent

Nature has a habit of taking back gardens, without maintenance the world would become a forest again and whilst some people would love this idea most gardeners do not. So for the unloved garden or property which is vacant we offer garden clearance. Past clearance jobs have included small gardens full of nettles and brambles right up to an acre of woodland which was let go with vast amounts of wild clematis. We  have worked with homeowners, directly with landlords and local councils and over the years we have seen some of the worst sights imaginable so do not be too worried... Read more...

Hedge Cutting In Kent

Hedges are a natural boundary divider which historically is used to keep livestock in. Today we use them to screen parts of the garden or house, provide a backdrop and to create a divide between two properties. All hedges require regular proper maintenance to keep them in the correct form and shape, the clean crisp lines of a properly cut hedge is considered part of an English garden, traditional or contempory. We have the equipment to cut and shape any sized hedge, large or small, and all the safety signs.

Hedge Cutting services include:

Planting In Kent

We offer planting of all species of tree, shrubs and herbaceous perennials. Sourced from local nurseries, we ensure the best quality plants are purchased on your behalf without breaking the budget! All plants are planted with adequate suitable soil enrichment, with animal protection and support where required.

Planting services include:

  • New planted borders created and rejuvenated where needed. Patchy borders infilled.
  • Herbaceous, shrubs and trees planted using soil enrichment.
  • Support systems and animal protection guards installed.
  • Hedges planted with soil...

Exterior Facilities Management In Kent

In 2015 we expanded into exterior facilities management and landscape maintenance. This is targeted primarily at local authorities, supermarkets, offices, larger industry, schools and industrial estates. We offer a one stop solution for all your exterior facilities and landscape maintenance requirements. With our extensive health and safety and risk assessments you can be assured that Kent Gardening & Tree Surgery are safe to operate within your busy workplace. For these larger clients we offer an extensive list of... Read more...

Tree Pruning In Kent

It is very rare for a tree never to need some attention during its lifetime. Whilst most garden tree pruning is for aesthetic reasons, many large trees will need surgery. Congested trees may require a crown thinning, some trees require crown lifting to remove obstructive lower branches or others require reducing in height as they have grown too large for their space. During any tree surgery it is important to consider the health of the tree and not compromise the tree by making too many large cuts to the structure. I can visit a site and advise what is best for the tree and... Read more...

Tree Pollarding In Kent

Pollarding is generally defined as the complete removal or partial removal (semi-pollarding) of the branches of a tree, thus promoting a dense regrowth of epicormic branches and foliage from dormant buds beneath the bark. It is mainly used today in urban areas to maintain trees at a desirable size for the space in which they occupy; however it can be implemented as a pruning method for many trees. Species such as Horse Chestnut, Field Maple, Ash and Willow respond very well to such pruning techniques and can prolong the life of a tree as an alternative to complete removal. Whilst... Read more...

Tree Removal In Kent

Trees will come to the end of their lives through age, physical damage or infection, or they just get too big for the space and need removing completely. Whilst this should be considered as the final option, it can be the only option in some circumstances. By arranging a no obligation site visit we can assess the tree and then discuss the options available and then we provide a quote for the work required. Upon acceptance we will either straight fell, climb and dismantle or dismantle via using a MEWP (cherry picker access platform) to safely remove the tree. 

Tree...