Tree Pruning In Kent

It is very rare for a tree never to need some attention during its lifetime. Whilst most garden tree pruning is for aesthetic reasons, many large trees will need surgery. Congested trees may require a crown thinning, some trees require crown lifting to remove obstructive lower branches or others require reducing in height as they have grown too large for their space. With any tree surgery it is important to consider the health of the tree and not compromise the tree by making too many large cuts to the structure. I can visit a site and advise what is best for the tree and provide a quote accordingly. In areas with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO's) and / or Conservation Areas we can act as 'agent' for submitting the paperwork required to enable us to work on your tree.


  • Crown reducing the physical size of the trees canopy.
  • Crown lifting the bottom of the tree for clearance over drives, houses or just for more light.
  • Crown thinning which removes a percentage of the middle of the tree, thus reducing weight and allowing more light.
  • Fruit tree pruning including Apples, Cherries, Pears and Quinces.
  • Topping or Lopping which is a horribly over used term but is best applied to 'taking the top out of' conifer trees or hedges.
  • Access by rope and harness or cherry picker access platforms (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms - MEWP's).
  • Branches and timber will be lowered using ropes and rigging equipment where necessary to avoid property damage.
  • All brash will be cleared, chipped and removed from site, logs can either be processed on site or removed.
  • Roadside works available including traffic management as required.
  • All work fully risk assessed and insured - see Qualifications and Insurance for more details.


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